Our Story

It was a family experience with dentures that first had Steve Yee interested in making them as a profession.

Growing up in Malaysia he remembers his mother having dentures that didn’t fit well and an uncle with dentures that changed his face shape.

‘‘I remember thinking my uncle shouldn’t look like that. I saw photos of my uncle and his face was different from before he got dentures,’’ Steve says. “It’s important to have your own look; it brings back your confidence, your identity, yourself.”

Today, Steve’s a Registered Clinical Dental Technician and he works with Patrick Li, a Registered Dental Technician, at Denture Me in Birkenhead where they put the patient’s needs first. This means tailoring individual dentures to suit each person’s cosmetic wishes to make sure they end up with the type of teeth they want with minimal change to their face shape.

dmpat0It can be a very rewarding job. ‘‘It’s satisfying when our patients are happy with the fit and look of their dentures,’’ Patrick says. ‘‘I had one 85 year old lady who told me it was the first time she had been able to bite at the front which made me feel really good.’’

Steve and Patrick’s service involves a series of five appointments that cover from the initial consultation and first impression, through manufacture, checking for the correct look, bite and phonetics, to the final fitting.

All work is done by either Steve or Patrick on site, which they say is a big advantage as there is no chance of any miscommunication and minor tweaks to the look and fit of dentures can be done on the spot.

They also offer a same day service for both denture relines and repairs. Steve says it pays to have your dentures checked at least every five years and a good set of dentures should last between 8 to 10 years.

Steve and Patrick have both been working with dentures for the past four years – long enough to be experienced at what they do, but also in touch with the latest techniques and products in the denture industry.

They opened Denture Me two months ago and work 9am to 6pm weekdays, but will also stay open late or open Saturday mornings if needed, by appointment.

Denture Me is at 7-9 Birkenhead Ave, Birkenhead Village, phone 09 – 480 9016.
Email steve@dentureme.co.nz or patrick@dentureme.co.nz.