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New booking system is live!

Great news: our new booking system on the website is live now!

Please try it here.

Either you are an existing patient or new to us, you can use the form to book appointment at your preferred time.

Please note that we are only taking online appointment booking for the month starting two days from now.

A typical appointment session lasts for 30 minutes.

If this does not suit your situation, please call us directly at 09-4809016.

Remember, we do offer free consultation sessions!

We are spoiled!

Look what we’ve got!

When your patient bring you a gift just because you have done a good job, it feels AMAZING!

It reminded us once again that we are much more than just a business, we care how you look and feel, and we are devoted to provide the best products and services we can.

Thank you Kay! All the best for your new dentures xoxo~

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“So are you a dentist?”

“So are you a dentist?”
That’s something we had been hearing all day long since the first day we started working. The answer is no, we are not dentist, but we work closely with dentist, and we specialized in making Dentures. Special thanks to Mokoia Road Dental Centre for referring patients to us!